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Despite the importance of Human Resources (HR) technology solutions in 2020, few HR professionals give top grades to their current systems, according to the HR Research Institute’s new analysis.

Many HR professionals refer to the entirety of their technology solutions as the HR technology stack, aka, the “HR tech stack.”

This research from HR.com  shows that developing a robust and useful HR tech stack can be a struggle for many organizations.

WEBINAR: Build a top-notch HR tech stack using your existing applications

Building a strong HR tech stack doesn’t have to involve replacing applications, spending lots of money, or resource-intensive projects. Often times, organizations already have all the core applications they need in place and simply need to improve the user experience and level of integration between applications.

Learn more in this free webinar recording with Susan Miltenberger, Deputy CIO at Towson University and Karl Wierzbicki, Director of Marketing at InFlight.


About this survey

The State of Today's HR Tech Stack 2020 survey ran in June and July 2020. HR.com gathered 294 complete and partial responses from HR professionals in virtually every industry vertical. Respondents are located all over the
world, but most of them reside in North America, especially the United States.

The participants represent a broad cross section of employers by number of employees, ranging from small businesses with fewer than 50 employees to enterprises with 20,000+ employees. Questions for the survey were guided by an independent panel of HR technology experts.

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InFlight uses a universal, cloud-based API that easily integrates with any web-based application on-the-fly rather than interfering with your system of record. InFlight avoids all the governance, risk, and compliance headaches associated with deep integration. Because InFlight is hands-off your application you don’t need to do any upgrades, development, or customization.

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