State of the Apply Flow Research Report 

What if we told you that the largest roadblock when it comes to securing top notch talent is often the one that is most overlooked the apply flow?

We had researchers apply to jobs at Fortune 500 companies to determine what impact the candidate experience is having on your recruiting efforts.

Spoiler: we found several headline-worthy developments!

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Finding #1

Job applications are getting shorter but there are still a LOT of clicks.

Apply Now isn't very "now" when we make candidates click 51 times to complete an application.

The average job seeker has to click 9 times before they get to the job application and we make them click "Apply Now" repeatedly. Once they get to the ATS login/user registration page, it’s another 42 clicks to get through the application.

Average sector time in seconds to complete an application


            The average time to complete an application is 4 minutes and 52 seconds, or 292 seconds. 

The information being collected doesn't feel relevant, important, or even valuable to the client.

Candidates are frequently asked to enter the same information and do the same tasks more than once, like being asked to join a talent network, create an ATS user account, and provide their personal information in the application.

Average number of clicks


The most apply clicks we found were in the Food and Drug stores sector with  a whopping 92! Household products had the least with 30 clicks. 

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