State of the Apply Flow Research Report 

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Like you, we’ve been reading a lot about candidate experience. However, we always felt like one important aspect of the candidate experience was always overlooked – the Apply Flow experience. 

The State of the Apply Flow Report provides insights about the apply flow experience and shines light on the areas that could be improved to create lasting positive changes in the candidate experience.

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What can you expect to find inside?

Inside, you will find a statistical analysis on an often overlooked aspect of the candidate experience landscape. The Apply Flow experience!

To conduct this research, we approximated what the average job seeker would do when applying for a job.

Our results found that there is an obvious effort being made to create better job application experiences for candidates. However, we also saw that companies are putting new hurdles in front of candidates. So, while job applications are getting shorter on average, there is still friction due to the many clicks between starting and finishing an application.



For example, did you know that the average job seeker has to click nine times after clicking “Apply” before they get to the job application? In some cases, candidates had to click an "Apply Now" button six times!

We also found that while employer brand is a major focus for career sites, the curated experience often ends once you click "Apply". Our evidence suggests this is because those who purchase and integrate the technology are not the same as those who are focused on the candidate experience. This identifies a disconnect that, when addressed, has the potential to dramatically improve the candidate experience so you can attract, hire, and retain top talent.


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